Basses Wild is the premiere men’s a cappella ensemble at the University of Minnesota. We perform a wide variety of boppin’ tunes that are sure to get your boogie on and set your feet a-dancin’. We’re rockin’ the oldies, rollin’ the latest hits, and wooing the ladies (and gentlemen) everywhere with our oh-so-sultry songs of love.

Basses Wild was conceived as a convergence of ideas in the Fall of 2009 when Isaac Fitzsimmons (of the University’s premiere coed group 7Days A Cappella) held an unofficial first meeting at his apartment. Isaac, together with Adam Arling (also of 7Days), Andrew Ferguson, Brandon Backer (also of 7Days), Tony Grandelis, and John Xiong (also of 7Days) enlisted the help of grad student Jeremy Orosz to get the group off their feet.

Soon after, the seven of them set off to chalk ads all over sidewalks and recruit more singers; Isaac himself preached to students in the Super Block.

Since 2009, Basses Wild has continued to gain popularity. The group has come a long way in a short time, and now performs two major capstone concerts each academic year in theaters filled to capacity. Auditions are held at the beginning of each fall semester, and while new members come and go each year, the legacy of their founding fathers lives on.